Check out our fleet of mobile cranes

We take great pride in our fleet of cranes and support equipment. All of our operators are highly skilled and experienced, and we have our own full time specialist crane mechanic so you can be sure that when our cranes arrive at your site they are in tip top shape.

Click the buttons next to each crane to view their capability charts.

95T Liebherr All Terrain Crane

This strong and versatile crane can tackle just about anything.

55T Liebherr All Terrain Crane

The little brother to the Liebherr 95T, this crane is strong yet nimble enough to get in to some of the tighter spaces.

20T Tadano City Crane

The 20T Tadano is a real gem when it comes to needing a strong crane that can get in to a tight space and slew a load around site.

25T Terex Franna

Australian designed, built tough and super versatile. The 25T Franna is the workhorse of the Australian residential construction industry. Capable of static or “pick-and-carry” maneuvers, this crane punches well above its weight when it comes to moving your gear around site.

Support Vehicles: Volvo Semi-Trailer and UD Flatbed Trucks

Our support vehicles accompany our larger cranes to site, carrying auxillary equipment such as counterweights and boom extensions. The addition of these items can greatly increase the capacity of our cranes, allowing us to help you tackle the big lifts.

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